You need to learn how to learn and it’s not on YouTube


There is a growing problem in our world. A problem so pervasive that we have become accustomed to it whereas we no longer even see it anymore. This problem is non other than adult education and the lack thereof. For this purpose, an adult can be defined as anyone who is out of the traditional schooling system.

What’s the problem with adult education? It’s nonexistent. No, really, where do you go to learn as an adult? You don’t have many options and have probably never put any thought into it. Let’s break it down.

You can learn from friends or family

We’ve all been there. You want to save a few bucks, maybe get it done a bit faster, and have it done by someone you can trust. We all know how it works out. Friends and family always have the best of intentions, but they are only willing to help you because you’re family. It doesn’t mean they are experts or even know what they are doing, they just see that you need help and want to be there for you.

You can go back to school

Come on, you’re not going back to school. The fees, tuition, commute… nope, not happening. You might be thinking, but it’s fully online. If you’ve ever taken an asynchronous class then you know you really learn nothing. Furthermore, whatever it is you want to learn, chances are a traditional school doesn’t teach it.

Which will lead you to only one other option. One option that we’ve all succumbed too:

You can go to YouTube

You know as much as I do…that learning from YouTube is the worst and let’s be real, the other two options aren’t real, they never work out. When did we become so quiescent as to let YouTube creep in our world of education?

Everyone who is anyone has spent endless hours searching YouTube for the best video. Then, when you find it and realize you’ve learned nothing, in comes more hours of searching and watching. What do you get out of all of it, frustration!

Stop doing this to yourself people! YouTube was never designed to be a platform to learn from. We can not learn from more-recorded videos; it just doesn’t work.

The answer

Maybe you know the answer; It’s Blootopia, where personalized learning is live. Why has the world of pre-recorded videos taken off? Because we’ve all become enamored with the idea of “passive income.” The desire for passive income has driven everyone to create their own pre-recorded videos. Where does this leave you? In the same place where you were countless hours ago, nowhere! Learning is an action driven activity. Both teacher and student must be engaged in the learning process for it work effectively. 

Take a chance with us and find out how you can learn in a better way!



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