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Interviewing is quite possibly one of the most important aspects of your life; it will land you in the career of your dreams or no job at all. Unfortunately, no matter what stage of life you are in, you were probably never taught how to interview. While that is no fault of your own, you have the power to change that right now. The best way to prepare for an actual interview is through a mock interview. A good interview coach will help you learn what to expect in a real interview and how best to prepare for it. A great mock interview will take that a step further and guide you along the hardest interview questions and instill confidence in you.


At A Better Interview, we aim to provide the highest quality mock interview for you possible. All mock interviews are conducted by an interview coach who has conducted thousands of interviews at all levels, positions, and industries. It is this experience that allows us to bring to you the secrets of how to have the best possible interview and improve your chances of landing the job.


Our mock interview will focus on how well you know yourself and your own past experiences. In addition to the aforementioned, we will also emphasize how well you know the industry you hope to enter and how well you can convey that information. We will discuss the interview questions that you are having the most difficulty with and then go over commonly ask questions. We will also be sure to make time to discuss any sticking points that you may have in general such as overcoming nervousness.

Our Mock Interview Will Focus On 10 Key Areas.

In order to have the best mock interview possible, we will need to establish a to strong rapport and will need the following items from you :

Mock interviews can be conducted via telephone or Skype. In both instances, we will require a form of backup communication in case connections are lost.

What You Will Receive

Price – $97.00 For First Hour

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*Note: Every hour after the first is charged at $47.00 per hour.

*Please note that this service is only for individuals residing in the United States in addition to people looking to relocate to the United States.