How Can I Use Blootopia To Learn New Skills


One of the main reasons Blootopia was founded was out of frustration in watching hours of pre-recorded videos on the internet and not finding any help. When you really want to learn or do something, you need to hire a contractor, go back to school, or do nothing (because no one teaches what you want to learn). Let’s break that down; thousands of dollars to hire a contractor, extensive time for schooling (and lot’s of money), and doing nothing doesn’t help anyone. 

The solution is the Blootopia platform. Since you are learning directly from someone who has mastered the skills, you’re not paying as much as in the other scenarios. On top of that, you are learning from home with everything in front of you. 

Imagine working on a small engine, a lawnmower. You log on to your Skill Session with your Mentor and show them exactly what you are working on. Now, you are receiving personalized advice for the project you are working on. 

Imagine you are trying to learn to play a new instrument, perhaps a guitar. You’ve watched all the videos online, but it just doesn’t sound the same; it feels like you are doing it wrong. A quick Skill Session with a Mentor could fix that in minutes as they can personally see what the problem is. 

Imagine a scenario where you simply just want to learn a new hobby. You can watch some pre-recorded videos online and hope that it works for you. Chances are though that you will have more questions in which gaining those answers will be difficult. With Blootopia, you can find a Mentor who can meet with you virtually 1-on-1 and teach you whatever hobby you want to learn.  

As you can see, Blootopia is your one stop shop for learning new skills, honing current skills, fixing a project, or finishing a project. On top of that, you are saving a significant amount of money than the alternatives. While you’re here, take a look at what you can learn



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