How Do I Know What I’m Good At


Blootopia was built around the idea that everyone has something to offer the world. For most of us, our daily jobs are not our passion and do not fulfill our purpose. More often than not, it is the side hustles, the gig jobs, and our hobbies that we are most interested in, yet, spend the least amount of time with. Think of it this way, if you were to keep a journal or a ledger of where your time is spent, for most of us, we would find that where most of our time is spent is what makes us the most unhappy.

Blootopia can help change that!

The question comes down to, what side hustles, gig jobs, and/or hobbies do you currently have? Blootopia can help you monetize your passion and expand you past your local area. Here’s the challenge; most people think they may be good at something, but not an expert at it. Just because you haven’t made a profession around your hobby, absolutely does not mean you are not great at it. Additionally, the skills and tricks you have learned mastering this side hobby could help someone who is just starting out.

With that said, how do I know what I’m good at? Well, think about what it is you do in your spare time. Where are you, what are you doing? For example, it could be in your shed, garage, basement, living room and you could be working on a small engine, preparing a great meal, or playing your favorite instrument. You’ve spent years mastering this hobby and now you have the opportunity to teach someone else everything you’ve learned and make some money while doing it.

Gone are the days of learning something new by watching pre-recorded videos on the internet. Now, we have the ability to learn directly from someone who has the skills…. You!

Take a leap and pass down all the skills you’ve learned over the years. Gain the satisfaction of knowing you’ve personally helped someone grow. 



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