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Think about it; where can you go in today’s world to learn something new? You have a few options:

  1. You can go back to college; whether private, public, or community college.
    1. Let’s be real…you’re not doing that. The costs are astronomical and its inconvenient to drive there. Even if it is online, you’re not going to spend tnes of thousands of dollars. 
  2. You can ask a friend or family member.
    1. This is a common one. We all have that someone who can “do it cheaper” or will say “don’t worry, I’ll take care of it”. While they always have the best of intentions, you’re not going to learn from them. They’re not experts or professionals 
  3. You can watch YouTube.
    1. This is all of us. When we want to learn something new or do something ourselves, we turn to YouTube. It’s a great site for content creators, but not for learning. Let’s dive into it. 

Here you are trying to fix a problem around the house, play a new instrument, or perfect a skill. You see what they are showing you on YouTube, but when you look down, what you have does not look the same. Sound familiar? I have spent countless hours watching YouTube videos in hopes that I would find something even mildly relevant to what I was doing in order to understand it enough to do it myself. 

It just doesnt work anymore! 

This is what Blootopia is going to solve.  We have created a platform that allows you to learn online live. Live with a real person who is passionate about what it is you’re trying to learn. You will be able to ask all your personal questions that YouTube can’t answer… that no pre-recorded video will answer. 

This is your time to perfect that hobby, learn that new skill, fix up your house, or finish that project. Find a Mentor on Blootopia who can help you



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