A Better Interview exists to help you land your dream job. We offer a resume review service where we will review, modify, edit, or build a resume from scratch for you. Included in the price is a free LinkedIn profile review. We also offer interview coaching on an hourly basis. This interview coaching is for any job in any industry. We can focus on any questions you’d like and we can build a custom list of questions for you based on any job description you send. 

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Are you not hearing back from employers? Are you qualified, but not getting any results? Are you consistently receiving rejection letters? Then your resume might be the problem. Do you have LinkedIn, but do not know how to use it? Are you using it to the fullest potential? To take your job search to the next level you must have a fully optimized LinkedIn profile. With the Resume and LinkedIn Review service, we will help you to revise these key job searching tools so that recruiters and potential employers can find you!

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Our Mock Interview service gives you the opportunity to practice your interviewing skills and have them assessed and refined by an interviewing professional. We will give you personalized feedback and suggestions on how to respond to specific interview questions that you might encounter . All mock interviews are conducted with a live person who has extensive experience conducting thousands of interviews for all levels, positions and industries. It is this experience that allows us to bring to you the secrets of how to have the best possible interview and improve your chances of landing the job.


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Our free e-book is the most extensive book on job searching, interviewing, resume writing, and everything else in between. We tell you everything you need to know about job searching and finding the job of your dreams. 

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A Better Interview, LLC was founded in 2012 by Marc DeBoer who believes that everyone deserves the chance to interview for their dream job.