How to Monetize Your Passion: 7 Steps to Turning Your Hobby into a Business


If you love something, wouldn’t you want to keep doing it? The answer in your head is the answer most people would give when asked if they had ever considered monetizing their hobbies. Not everyone is meant to be a professional in a skill or hobby, and that’s okay. However, that doesn’t mean your passion should go unrewarded. If you have an affinity for a subject or activity, you should create a Skill Session on Blootopia. To find out more, keep reading this blog and learn how to monetize your passion so you can start earning money from your passions.

What is Monetization?

Monetization is when you turn an interest, hobby, or passion into a business opportunity. To monetize your passion, all you have to do is share it with other people. There are people out there who are failing to learn from YouTube and other prerecorded videos and want to learn from you. Since you will be your own boss, you can charge whatever rate you deem appropriate for your time. You will have ability to negotiate with learners prior to them paying for your course.

Find a Niche and Start Earning Money

The easiest way to monetize your passion with Blootopia is to find a niche that you can turn into a business. By finding a niche that you are passionate about, you are more likely to find success. The niche could be anything related to your passion. For example, if you love to fish, focus on the fishing or boating niche. In what way can you create a Skill Session around fishing? It could be on pole selection or lure selection; how to find the best spot; using GPS; saltwater vs freshwater; etc. One passion can create multiple Skill Sessions. Of course, you could always reach out to us for help. 

Steps to Follow:

  1. Self-reflect on what skills and passions you have. 
  2. Write them down and expand on how you would teach them to someone else.
  3. Sign up to become a Blootopia Mentor
  4. Create your Skill Sessions.
  5. Advertise your Skill Sessions to your networks on social media.
  6. Help people 1-on-1, sharing your passions.
  7. Enjoy being your boss on your own schedule.

Advertise your Skill Session

The best way to monetize your Skill Session is to advertise it to your own social media networks. You can also advertise your Skill Session in forums such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Reddit in addition to other online groups. You can even create ads on these platforms for additional exposure. Don’t forget, this is your business and your Skill Sessions. By Mentors doing this, it will drive more traffic which in turn will help the entire community. Blootopia will do its own advertising of your courses as well to relevant sub-communties on social media. 


When you have something that you love, monetizing that passion can be rewarding. Whether it’s fishing, singing, or anything else, monetizing your passion can bring in money while allowing you to continue doing what you love. The best way to monetize your passion is to find a niche and start creating Skill Sessions. When you find a profit-making niche, you can find success monetizing your passion. Blootopia will help you all along the way in order for you to be successful.



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