Why Someone With No Experience Got The Job

Learn why a job that required experience was filled by someone who had no experience. What you need so you can prepare for your next interview.

Guest Author

Tammy Hopson-Colon

As a Human Resources professional in today’s economy, I will often receive 500+ resumes for a position. Most recently, I posted for an administrative position requiring 3 years prior experience; however we chose someone with no experience for the job, here’s why:

  1. The no experience candidate didn’t bring any past employer baggage with them. When asked of all of the other candidates, “why they wanted to leave their current position”, they answered with a long tale of woe. Endless stories of why they were under-appreciated, underpaid or undervalued by their supervisor. While these reasons were important motivation for them to look for a new job, as an HR professional, it doesn’t motivate me to hire you. When candidates speak negatively of their current employer it often casts doubt on a candidate’s integrity as a potential employee for us.
  2. The no experience candidate was excited about what we do. On the other hand, because the experienced candidates had done the job before, they showed no interest or creativity. While we recognize that some of them could do the job blindfolded in their sleep, it gave us the impression that they would be asleep working for us. Candidates should show passion for what they do and can do, tell us what new skills or insights that you could bring to the table.
  3. The no experience candidate was not only interested in the salary. Often the first question I get in an interview is what the position is paying? While salary is important, none of our experienced candidates were interested in growing with our company. In addition, they asked no questions about further training or educational opportunities within our company or learning more about the business.
  4. The no experience candidate asked questions. None of our experienced candidates asked any questions about the position, why it was open or even what we expect of our employees. Ask questions!! Show us that if we offer you position that you want to be successful here and cultural fit.



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