Tired of Craigslist, LinkedIn, Monster & Co.? 4 Unique Ways to Get a Job Through the Internet

Learn new and upcoming trends about your job search and how to use the internet in unique ways to land your next job.

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It’s no secret that the economy in the U.S. is just barely recovering and the labor market is still highly competitive. As a matter of fact, experts agree that the labor market will still take years to fully recover. Under these circumstances, it can be immensely helpful to look for alternative avenues in order to search and apply for jobs. Being creative can open numerous doors in areas where they may not have thought to look. It also shows possible employers how creative and resilient you are.

This does not only apply to creative careers like graphic design, marketing or film. Even individuals interested in pursuing a career in more traditional industries like healthcare or law don’t have to rely on the common, ordinary ways of job hunting on the internet. Social media, professional forums, podcasts and personal websites offer a plethora of opportunities for aspiring pharmaceutical technicians or forensic assistants.

Social Media Culture

Find companies in your field on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Their social media profiles can give you a good idea of what these organizations are looking for. Moreover, these companies typically pride themselves on having a positive relationship with the community. Employees and corporate professionals that have liked the page can be added as friends. By associating with individuals already established in the field, you will create a functioning network or reliable contacts.

Twitter is fast becoming a popular posting site for companies when they need to hire top quality personnel. Companies can post on a variety of topics on Twitter, all the while, reaching individuals throughout the entire industry. They can post employee achievements, recognition the company receives for philanthropic efforts as well as future job qualifications and notifications.

Professional Forums

Become familiar with professional forums associated with your area of expertise. You can learn quite a bit about the industry as well as establish a valuable list of contacts. Web pages that are designed to bring people within an industry together can be a great place to find information about possible job openings. Unlike Monster.com and CareerBuilder, a professional forum normally focuses on one specific industry such as healthcare, law, construction or accounting. In some cases, professional forums are closed to the public and you must be invited or send a request to the moderator to be able to join. Lawyers and medical professionals will often use forums to compare situations and advice each other in order to succeed in their job hunt.

Stay In Tune With Podcasts

Use Podcasts to stay in tune with new concepts and ideas. Companies will often release podcasts on sites such as YouTube or a company website to help keep their staff current on trends relative to the industry. Keeping up with podcasts as they are released and learning as much as possible about upcoming changes in the industry can keep you prepared if a job comes open within the company. This is a great way for current employees to advance within a company.

Podcasts are used to keep employees in the know about management changes, product updates, job descriptions and local news. Many companies believe that using podcasts is a more effective way to reach a multitude of employees that otherwise would miss important meetings or messages. They can be viewed over cell phones, tablets, laptops or personal computers wherever there is an internet connection. Students studying for postgraduate degrees can use podcasts to remain sharp and in touch with current trends.

Advertise Yourself

The best way to make yourself visible in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is to advertise yourself. Create a personal web page that includes all of your important qualifications.

  • A copy of your resume
  • A detailed cover letter
  • List of references (both personal and professional)
  • Professional photograph
  • Complete list of achievements and awards

Update your blog daily using rich content. Include topics related to your chosen field of expertise. Encourage people to respond or ask questions in an attempt to keep the content fresh and up to date. When writing any type of content, always remember that using popular search keywords and phrases might help your page rank high when companies or head hunters search the internet for qualified applicants.

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Sandra Mills is a freelance career writer and she enjoys helping people improve their lives and careers.



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