The Biggest Interview Secret Revealed

We all want to know the best way to interview, yet no one will share their own interview secret. Until now! We give you the best interview secret there is.
Interview Secrets

I feel that it is time to reveal the secret to having the best interview possible. Now, everyone has their own methodology for interviewing and that is great! I would encourage you to add this interview secret to your arsenal of interviewing techniques that you are already using. However, I would encourage everyone to check out my mock interview service to have the best interview possible. We will go over your weak areas and help improve them with time-tested strategies, in addition to a multitude of other things as well!

What is the best way to interview?

This is a tactic that every person can use no matter what profession, industry or level you are at. It is a tactic that some of the highest level executives use consistently.

The interview secret is to write down everything you do in your current job. Lets discuss.

You should have a notebook or a word doc that is created for the sole purpose of writing down everything you do at work. In addition to this, it should be categorized by your areas of work. For example, “projects”, “accomplishments”, “deadlines met and not met”, “awkward encounters with boss”, “enhancements to company policy or procedure”, “ad-hoc projects”, etc… Okay, you get the point.

Now, after every single day, you will write down what you did and put it under the appropriate category.

Why should you do this?

That is a good question. Well, let’s assume that after 5 years of working at your current employer, you have written down every thing you’ve done for every day. Now, when you go on your interview, you can study this massive notebook or word doc that holds the answer to any interview question you will be asked. It is hard to remember the projects we worked on 5 years ago or that awkward moment with your boss 5 years ago, but with this interview secret, you will be able to answer ANY question! This is by far, the best way to answer any behavioral question they can throw at you! You will look like a rock star!

In addition to this, there is a great byproduct of doing this. It will also help you with your annual reviews. You can now talk to your boss about every thing you have done great and why you deserve that raise and/or promotion! Why? Because you have it all written down!

It’s a win-win all around!



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