Job Searching and Networking While on Vacation

Even though you are on vacation, that doesn't mean your job search should stop. Instead, you should focus on networking and meeting new people! Learn how.

Lucky for me, I will be going on vacation over the Labor Day holiday. This got me thinking, is it possible to job search and network while on vacation? Chances are the people you will talk to will be on vacation too and they probably don’t want to talk about work. What to do!?

Let’s discuss some ideas

  • Cruise – What if you are going on a cruise? Well, if you are lucky enough to be, this is a primo place to meet new people. Think about it, everyone is stuck on a boat; they have to network with you! :-). No, really, there are many opportunities to meet new people; dinner, gym, excursions, bars, clubs, casino and the pool.

    It is relatively easy to start conversations with people on cruises as everyone is there to have fun and meet new people; most people don’t cruise to spend time alone. If you read my article on flattering the interviewer, you will want to do use the same technique here; flattery. Make them feel important and let them talk about themselves.

    What’s the secret here? As a job seeker, you should have business cards with QR codes. Not only does this show you are tech-savvy, but it will serve as a reminder for them when they get off the boat and back into the real world.

  • Resort – A lot people go to all-inclusive resorts for the relaxation and pampering. Same as above though, most resorts will have some sort of nightly entertainment in addition to coffee bars and food buffets. As long someone isn’t with their family and you’re not intruding, then don’t be afraid to go up and make small talk with them. Be sure to learn when they are leaving so you don’t miss your opportunity to truly network with them. Otherwise, you should have a few days where you can meet the person again and continue your dialogue. Try to “unintentionally” bump into them again around the resort.

    The secret here – The same as above, but with a bit more networking. Because any resort is a bit more open, you will need to work a little bit harder to find people. One day you can see someone at the buffet and the next day they could be at the beach or by the pool. This takes a little bit more persistence on your part, but it’s very doable.

  • Amusement park – There are a lot of families who just want that one day away escape and an amusement park is a great place to do that. Here, you will find a lot of parents usually just milling around waiting for their kids or significant other to finish on a ride or a game. Once again, it’s a great time to spark up some small talk.

    The secret – These kind of interactions are usually short and you probably won’t see the person again as you will in the other two scenarios. You will either need to have business cards, or if you do not have that option, be sure to give them your full name and refer them to your LinkedIn page. If you can get their name, then send them a LinkedIn message saying it was nice to meet with them and you would like to speak further.

The key here is to not be afraid to go up and talk to people. Tell them you are seeking out your next opportunity and what exactly you are looking for. Those who ask shall receive. Don’t be afraid to go on vacation if you are looking for a job, just be smart about it and turn it into a networking game!



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