6 Helpful Job Tips for Graduates

In many cases the start of your journey begins by getting your foot in the door. Even a low paying job in your chosen industry can be all you need to springboard you into the realms of success and advancement.
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Being a graduate is a double-edged sword, because you are young and have no real industry experience. As an employment prospect, you make a fairly lousy choice, but consider the fact that the only direction you can go is up. You are going to become older and going to gain more experience. In many cases the start of your journey begins by getting your foot in the door. Even a low paying job in your chosen industry can be all you need to springboard you into the realms of success and advancement.

  1. It’s not what you know…..or is it?

    It is not what you know it’s whom you know. That is an old saying that is mostly untrue. For example, you may know a stationmaster, but you are unlikely to get a job driving trains without an engineering degree. Nevertheless, you should stay in touch with your old friends, classmates and even lecturers. Sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn are a very passive (unobtrusive and non-labor intensive) method of doing this. Occasionally fish around for help in getting you a job in wherever they work, or for any advice about job opportunities they are aware of.

  2. Companies are checking your Facebook page

    This is becoming more common because the HR team within companies have to show that they have done further research beyond simply reading your resume. It used to be that a HR department would have to check a reference and check your criminal history or educational history. However, those things take time and they are often met with resistance or failure. Checking a Facebook page is a weak but usable method of further research, meaning that they have less research to do concerning potential new employees. In other words, you need to keep your Facebook page professional looking.

  3. Join a university alumni society

    They are not going to get you on the board of directors and probably won’t affect your career in your later life. But, they are a good way to network as a young person, which may lead on to job opportunities in the future. They are an education portal that you can use to your future benefit.

  4. Learn to sell yourself and your skills

    This is a talent you will need to use throughout your career, which is why you should learn the art of selling yourself as soon as possible. You need to look up a few marketing principals such as selling the benefits you will have for the company you are applying to. Reading “The art of war” by Sun Tzu will also help you construct the “Package” that is you. It will teach you how to display your fantastic qualities without boasting.

  5. Don’t sit around waiting for replies

    Many graduates will send out five or ten applications and then wait two weeks for a response. You need to be sending at least fifteen applications per week. You need to be sending them out to various companies and companies that are not in your immediate location. You need to apply for jobs that appear to be too good for you to get, and for jobs that appear beneath you. Fifteen per week is only three per business day. If you are struggling to find and apply for three jobs per day then you need to have a serious overhaul of what you are doing with your time. Give away your TV and games console, and re-evaluate what you doing with your time.

  6. Get your foot in the door

    You are at a disadvantage because you are young and have little (or no) industry experience. There are older people who have achieved great things in previous jobs, are qualified and have experience. Sometimes simply getting contact with a new employer is good enough. Don’t forget that you can work your way up to a bigger and better position, and don’t forget the HR department often have more than one position available. Express to them that you are willing to ply your talents to a number of tasks, and ask them if there is any other way to gain entry into the company.

    You need to be careful because if you express an interest for something other than the job in hand then they will question your desire to work the job you applied for. However, if you make it clear that you are enquiring because of a desire to join the company, they may be more receptive. It is plausible that someone has such a love for a company that they would do anything to become part of the team (use the word team if possible).

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