3 Things to Think about When Deciding What Career is Right for You

Deciding what career is right for you can be a tricky task. It doesn't make it any easier when there's pressure to get a great job and enjoy huge success by the time you're 30.
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Deciding what career is right for you can be a tricky task. It doesn’t make it any easier when there’s pressure to get a great job and enjoy huge success by the time you’re 30. As it turns out, only about five percent of people find a perfect career on their first try, so don’t stress, you’re ‘normal’ if you take a few years to find your niche. Let’s look at three things to consider when deciding which career is right you.

1. Ensure That You Are Informed

Most of us could land our perfect career earlier if only we’d had enough information and guidance. Thanks to Google, it isn’t difficult to find these things. While you’re studying, it is likely that you will also have access to people who can advise you. This is especially true of new-age education providers like Evocca College who offer a supportive learning environment to their students and the advice they need to be set on the right path.

Devote an hour every day for a week or even a month towards researching for industry insight. Look at job sites, newspapers, blogs, social networking sites and more. Take note of anything that appeals to you as a potential career. Flexible course and career educators such as Evocca will also encourage interaction with likeminded individuals as well as those with more experience so you can be informed on how best to pursue your chosen career.

2. Determine What You Really Want

You need to think hard about what you’re specifically looking for in a career; having a vague idea isn’t enough. When you imagine a certain job, does it make you genuinely interested or excited? If you feel like you want to hear more about it, that’s good. Does the career match your personality and skills? While some skills can be learned, it’s unwise to pick a job that goes against your natural traits such as being extroverted or creative.

Consider if the job will fulfill your needs. This could be anything from salary to fitting in with your family situation, accommodating a disability or even keeping with your religious or moral views. Is there a current demand for professionals in your chosen career? Do some research and make sure there’s a high chance you’ll be employed at the other end.

3. Finally… Make a Decision

It’s extremely likely that you can shine in more than one career. This may make you second-guess yourself, wondering if you’ve chosen the right one. Here’s the thing, no one said you had to pick just one option and stick with it for the rest of your working life! After in-depth research, try and choose a career to pursue and you will keep learning and stay productive. If you realize somewhere along the line that it just doesn’t feel right, pick something else. Eventually, something will click and you’ll just know!

These tips will set you on the right track towards finding that ideal career. Remember there’s no right answer –go with your gut. At the same time, be practical. You know there are things you need in life that may not come with a certain job. Give yourself time to figure it all out, don’t be hasty. Good luck!



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