Three Simple Steps for Choosing a Reliable Proofreading Company

Learn the importance of proofreading documents. We discuss a few tips to give you an edge when you need to proofread something important!

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Sarah Cornell

Proofreading is one of the important steps while finalizing your draft of an essay, article or resume. If the document is very important, you will give it more time to proofread, while if it is just a regular day document (e.g. office email, agenda etc), you will just review once on your own before forwarding it to anyone else.
However, if you think that the document is very important, you might go for hiring the services of any proofreading company. Sometimes choosing the right company becomes a lengthy process as there are so many options available. There is always a chance that you might end up with a bad company and hence lose your money and time. Therefore, you must be very careful while choosing a company. Here are some set of practices that you should follow before finalizing your deal with any online proofreading company:

Ask for Samples

This practice is the most effective to know about the quality of service that proofreading company can deliver. A good company will always welcome your query regarding samples. Sample essays or text can give you a good idea about the level of service provided by the company. If you find a satisfactory level of changes in the text, you can think about moving forward and getting their service. If any company is showing reluctance in sharing sample work, just drop that company from your list because there are big chances that it can come out as fraud.

Know about the Company

The more you learn about the company, the more confident you will feel to do business with them. Therefore, do not hesitate to communicate with the company through email or phone. A good company will cooperate in this respect and will give you the answers to your questions. Do not forget to ask about their different policies so that you can handle any issues in case a problem occurs. You can also ask about the credibility of the writers and their overall qualifications. Through such information, you will be able to analyze what exactly is going on at the other end.

Give some sample work

If the document means a lot to you and you are comfortable with spending some extra dollars for it, then you must go for some pilot testing. Just draft a document on your own and fit in some errors intentionally. Keep the word count low so that you can get it proofread at a low price. Send that to the company with which you want to get your real document proofread. Once you get the revised document from the company, you can analyze the level of their competency. If the document is well proofread and all mistakes have been corrected than go with that company to have your real document proofread. Otherwise, try the second best company that you identified previously.

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Sarah Cornell is teaching English language from the past five years. She is passionate about writing and love to guide people regarding their problems with respect to English language. Her writing interests include resume editing, proofreading your essay and different writing styles.



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