Starting a New Job? Six Ways to Update Your Look

Having the right look for the job is crucial. We are all judged on our professional demeanor and how we carry ourselves. Learn some tips today!

A new job can be stressful. Updating your look is one easy way to give yourself a boost of confidence. Follow these six steps to look your best for your new job:

  1. Know the Company Dress Code

    Every company has its own unique culture. Before updating your look, you must understand your employer’s dress code. If you show up the first day wearing a suit and everyone else is wearing khakis and polo shirts, you are probably going to feel uncomfortable. Avoid unfortunate situations by being informed.

  2. Remove the dead weight from your wardrobe

    Take stock of your closet’s contents. Discard anything that you have not worn in over twelve months. Either get rid of items that do not fit or have them tailored. Though it can be expensive to have clothing altered, the benefits of wearing clothes that fit perfectly are worth it. Toss out any torn or worn out clothing.

  3. Cover your bases

    Any wardrobe should have a set of functional base pieces such as solid-tone slacks and button-up shirts. These pieces form the core foundation of any professional outfit. Be sure to acquire at least one item in each of these standard colors: black, brown, navy blue and white. For a business casual environment, it is wise to invest in a few pairs of khakis and dark denim jeans.

  4. Invest in a few wow pieces

    Once you have your base pieces covered, invest in a few pieces that pop. These pieces could include colorful ties or pocket squares, stylish boots or oxfords, or trendy sweaters and jackets. Pants in bright solid colors are also on trend, and can be very slimming when paired with a tailored jacket.

  5. Embrace your eyeglasses and other accessories

    If you normally wear contact lenses, consider purchasing a few pairs of eyeglasses to add variety to your look. Retro styles with thick frames can add interest to your attire. Wristwatches provide another great opportunity for personal style expression.

  6. Spruce up your facial hair

    Think about what your facial hair says about you. Practice good shaving techniques with proper tools. You can get shaving kits, and everything you need for before and after your shave at The Art of Shaving. If you are young but want to appear more experienced, experiment with a refined mustache or beard.

Approach the process with an open mind and you will find that updating your style can be fun. It will also help you create an excellent first impression on your boss and coworkers.



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