Part Time Jobs That Will Boost Your Resume

We discuss a few part-time jobs that can benefit your experience and your pocket. These jobs can help build your resume and experience. Learn how part-time jobs can be beneficial.
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Considering the situation with the job market today, many students and graduates are right to be concerned when and whether they’ll really put in use the education they have invested in, working a full time job in the industry they love and know. Instead of accepting their (un)employment status they should rather choose a part-time position and gain some experience to enhance their resumes, while still searching for the best job. People in-between jobs can also benefit from some part-time options. Money may not be the main motivation, but should certainly be considered, since you can’t always ask from your parents and your social life demands cash. Also, you can’t forget that the sooner you start saving some money, the quicker you’ll be living in your own apartment. Here are few part-time jobs that can benefit your experience and your pocket:

Bartending or Waitressing Jobs: Because of the alcohol and party association, people assume that having experience working as a bartender or waiter is a bad thing so they might even not mention it in their resume, but they’ll be wrong. It’s in the way you present it on your resume and also during the interview. As a bartender and waiter(ess), you are required to responsibly handle the cash, have good communication skills and be patient with the guests, as well as to be able to multitask. The owner of the bar or restaurant you work in is putting a lot of trust in you and that trust needs to be earned. Mention these important key notes in your resume and the reader will gain a whole new perspective on the subject.

Job in Your Industry or in a Related One: When your potential employers see on your resume a listed part-time job in your own industry or in a related field, be sure that they’ll know how to appreciate the experience you’ve gained. Having mostly the same duties as your full time job colleagues, they’ll recognize that you are serious about your future career. In your resume, offer references from that position. If you make an impression, your part time job may even earn you a full time position in the same company.

Administrative Job: An office part-time job where you’ve taken on responsibilities and learned how to communicate in an office environment shows recruiters, and possible future employers, that you’ll be capable and comfortable of doing the same in their companies. Don’t forget to mention in your resume the projects you’ve worked on, particularly if they’ve earned you some awards.

Volunteering: Volunteering will show that you are a hard worker and that money isn’t your first concern since you are willing to spend your free time helping the progress of an organization without being paid for the job that you do. The skills you’ve acquired will certainly interest your possible future employers.

Your part time job should have the same attention in your resume as a full time job. Include all the important information, your position title, the duties and responsibilities you’ve had and the tasks you’ve performed. If you have references, mention the option of providing them upon request. Express your work experience openly and keep in mind that these part time jobs may bet the reason the hiring managers will decide to give you a chance of getting a great full time job. Good luck in your job search!

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