How to Teach Online: 5 Tips for First Time Teachers


Teaching in general can be intimidating. Someone, or multiple people, just staring at you and looking to you for the answers. Explaining things in a manner that someone else will understand is crucial. But why is it so difficult? Usually you question your ability to fully comprehend and understand the material in which you are teaching. However, what if it was something that you loved? What if it was something you’ve been doing for years? Well… that wouldn’t be teaching then, now would it? That would be sharing a passion. Let’s explore this further.

Decide what you want to teach

You know what you are good at. You know what you enjoy because you do it all the time. Think of those times you come home from your 9-5 job; what are you doing? Tinkering in the garage, fixing something in the house/apartment, knitting, playing an instrument, or just exercising. You’ve done it so much, you’re basically an expert at it. Yet, no one will validate it because the world says you need a “degree”. Blasphemy!

When you join Blootopia, all you need to do is know what you’re great at; know your passions, and create Skill Sessions. It’s that easy.

Research is key

Once you’ve created your Skill Sessions, you are, in essence, a teacher. With this title, comes the responsibility of knowing how you will convey that knowledge. It will be different for each Skill Session. In some, you may be helping people fix things, therefore, the beforehand preparation is minimal. However, if you are helping someone learn something new, you might need to do some research. What is the best way to learn this new skill? Would some documentation help? Maybe having a small presentation available could help. You need to think of these things ahead of time before teaching your Skill Sessions.

Network, network, network

The Blootopia platform will drive business to your Skill Sessions; thats the nature of any marketplace. However, the more networking you do, the more business you can drive to your Skill Sessions. You shouldn’t just rely on our marketplace to drive in business. By becoming a Mentor on Blootopia, you are becoming your boss. A boss who runs their own business. Therefore, the marketing and networking you do on your own will only help you more in the long run.

Take criticism seriously

Look…you will receive criticism, and that’s okay. Some good, some not so good. First, you must know that the Blootopia team will help you. We want you to have the best experience. If something isn’t working out as you hoped, reach out to us. It is your job to learn from the criticism you are receiving. You will become stronger and a more effective Mentor.

Be flexible and open-minded

You have Mentees who have specific requests. Let’s say you have Skill Sessions for learning how to play the guitar. A Mentee reaches out and wants to learn how to play classical guitar. You know how to play guitar, but only rock and roll. It doesn’t mean you can’t teach classical, it just means you need to be flexible and adapt. Being flexible will help you become a better Mentor, and will help the Mentee continue to learn.

Teaching in any environment can be hard. Teaching on Blootopia, however, makes it much easier. We allow you to take those passions and share it with the world. There is nothing more exciting and exhilarating than watching someone become an expert at what you love. It’s the best feeling in the world. Start with Blootopia today!



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