How To Prepare Your Self for Your First Interview

An interview can become quite a stressful issue, if the job seeker is not properly prepared. Especially if the individual is appearing for an interview for the first time.
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An interview can become quite a stressful issue, if the job seeker is not properly prepared. Especially if the individual is appearing for an interview for the first time, a lot of things need to be kept in mind, while preparing for it. Many organizations recruit people not on the basis of academic qualifications only. Employers focus more on attitude, energy level, interpersonal skills, communication etc.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a first time interview:

  • Acquire good knowledge about the firm

It is quite essential to have good knowledge about the company, for the first interview to be a successful one. Gaining all possible knowledge about the organization as well as the position that is being applied for, is the initial step to be taken towards the preparation. Gathering enough knowledge about the firm ensures that one is thoroughly aware of the work place and environment. This also makes the employer feel that the job seeker spent time on facts about the organization which might be quite beneficial for them. As a matter of fact, this helps to create a great first impression and enhances the confidence level of the job seeker.

  • Personal Appearance

Maintaining a professional appearance is as important as carrying a properly created resume to the interview. One needs to look organized by dressing up neat and cleanly. It is a good idea to find out whether the firm is corporate or business casual, so that the clothes can be worn accordingly.

  • Attitude

Always have full faith in oneself. It is essential to maintain a convincing yet professional attitude before appearing for the interview. The way of interaction is important, one should never sound too confident or loud or else, the employer might feel that the job seeker is impolite and arrogant. Contrarily, the individual should not be passive and quiet too. Rather, an assertive, polite and friendly attitude should be maintained. The employer should be able to understand how the job seeker’s inputs would benefit the company. Stories related to any big participation or any achievement can be shared so that the recruiter is impressed.

The job seeker should never ask how much the company would pay, unless the employer asks about the expected salary. The interviewer should not be impressed by bragging. It is vital to be a patient listener and interactive and the interview could be a successful one, if a good rapport can be built. One should arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled interview time and carry an updated resume. Before closing the interview, the individual should try and ask questions to the employer to show the interest level about the firm and the job. Never forget to thank the employer before leaving. Finally the exit should be graceful.

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