Have Your Best Interview In 2013

It's time for you to have your best interview in 2013. There is nothing holding you back. Seize this opportunity to land your dream job with the best interview.
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2013 can be your year to finally land your dream job! All it takes is A Better Interview. Yes, I know… that’s cheesy. But really, going into an interview unprepared is like going outside when it’s raining without an umbrella. Make 2013 the year where you will have your best interview. When you prepare yourself for the best interview possible, you can land any job you want. There are few tricks that I can share with you today that can help you get towards having the best interview possible today!

How do you have the best interview possible?

There are a lot of interviewing methodologies out there which can absolutely help you and in addition to that, there are a lot of books and blogs as well. Since you’re already here at A Better Interview, you’ve already taken the first step to improving your interviewing skills; which is great! Now, how do you take it to the next level?

  1. Find an Interview Coach: Your in luck because that is what we do here at A Better Interview. We can help you learn various interviewing strategies and become confident in yourself. We go over every question that you feel you struggle with and then we ask our own questions that we feel are important for you to be able to answer. When you have one session with A Better Interview, you will feel ready to dominate any interview and conquer any interviewing fears you once had.
  2. Prepare months in advance: We discussed in a previous article a huge secret to interviewing. It’s so important, that I am going to reiterate it here. In order to have your best interview, you need to prepare months in advance. What does that mean? You need to keep an inventory list of all the accomplishments you made in your job; current or previous. In addition to that, you need to write down all of your encounters with your boss. All of these stories will be the questions that you are asked in future interviews. If you have them all written down, you won’t need to rack your brain searching for an answer. You’ve already studied your notes and know the answers!
  3. Practice: Let’s be serious, not everyone can afford an interview coach; even though our prices at A Better Interview are the lowest in the industry. There are still ways that you can improve your interviewing skills on your own. A great tactic that you can use today is to video tape yourself answering any interview question. This is similar to looking in the mirror, but now you can play back the video and watch your mannerisms and listen for ways to strengthen your answers. You can even use your smartphone to do this if you don’t have a video camera. This is a great tactic to get the best interview possible. Practice, practice, practice!

There are three great avenues for you to follow to get the best interview possible. Don’t settle for a mediocre job when you can make a small investment in yourself to land your dream job. Have your best interview in 2013!



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