How to Balance Your Job Search between Social Media and Real Life

Looking for a job can be tough in today’s market, which makes it more important than ever to find a balance between your social media presence and real life.

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Looking for a job can be tough in today’s market, which makes it more important than ever to find a balance between your social media presence and real life.

By finding this balance, you will be able to create and expand a stronger network of individuals to support your job search efforts.

So, how can you strike and maintain this balance? Let’s find out.

Social Networking

Social media sites aren’t just a part of your private life anymore. Employers like to look at your profiles to get a better feel about who you really are.

It is vital to use social networking when looking for a job. You can easily reach out to someone in a particular company, join groups dedicated to your field, and even share articles that are relevant to your industry. These simple acts can get you set up with the right person, potentially leading to an interview.

Keep in mind that everything you post online can be found. Aim for a professional social media presence amongst your connections, and more importantly, use these connections to build face-to-face relationships in the real world.

Real World Connections

Businesses like Rhoads and Sinon always check potential employees’ online presences. However, for many companies, such as this law firm, a real-world connection or reaching out to mutual connections will hold more weight.

Even with that being said, a lot of people still don’t partake in face-to-face networking. They find it intimidating, which is a bit silly when you think about it – networking with someone is simply conversing with them about your career path. But if you still find the idea of reaching out to new people unnerving, there is still hope.

Just think about the people that you already know such as professors, references, and industry peers. By seeking out relationships with them, not just via social media, you will put yourself in a much better position in terms of receiving their support.

Striking a Balance

It is extremely important to find a balance between both social and real world networking. They can both be of benefit since you can end up increasing your professional network exponentially when incorporated simultaneously.

First and foremost, clean-up your social presence so that you are portraying yourself in the best light. Highlight your strengths and personal interests so that when someone visits your page they can ultimately understand you a bit more.

Next, use your current contacts in both the real and online world to meet even more people. By simply attending networking events or gatherings and striking up a conversation, you can see what others have to offer. People love to talk about themselves, so find out what career path these new acquaintances are on and work in the topic of your current job search.

You can even set up a phone call with one of your network connections or go out to lunch with an old professor to discuss job opportunities. Even if you haven’t spoken to these people for quite some time, it can still be beneficial to your job search since it shows that you mindfully chose to reach out to them and value what they have to offer.

Coming full circle, use social media to stay in touch with these contacts. Check in with them here and there and maintain the relationship you have worked to form. By doing so, you will strike the important balance of social and real world networking, which will greatly boost your job search efforts.

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Leah Rutherford, resident of Chicago, is a freelance blogger specializing in career development. Her interests also include business and social media. To hear more from her, check out her blog, JetFeeds.





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