5 Ways To Keep Motivated While Looking For A New Job

Staying motivated during a job search can be difficult. We discuss 5 tips for you to focus on to remain motivated during your job search!

Job hunting is an exciting yet challenging experience. We get all thrilled when we spot the perfect job profiles and fill those applications in matter of minutes, looking forward to click on that “submit” button and hope for the best. For some of us, the following weeks pass by and no one gets back to us if not to say they are not interested. It’s in this period, which can last for months sometimes, that we need to keep motivated and don’t count quitting as an option. How?

  1. Don’t Hit The Snooze Button

    When feeling down, it’s easy to just lose hope and think it’s not even worth getting out of bed. Don’t allow yourself to hit that snooze button – it will lead to a circle of laziness and bad habits. Wake up bright and early every day, have a hearty breakfast and look at what new jobs are on the market. Chances are there are at least a couple of interesting positions you could be the first one to apply for.

  2. Get Inspired

    There will be times when it will all seem like a huge boring chore and you’ll feel like giving up. To prevent or stop these thoughts, keep inspired. Watch movies that instil strength in you such as The Pursuit of Happiness, read motivational blogs and career advice websites, talk about your objectives and dreams with your friends and family. All this will help keep your motivation levels up.

  3. Be Methodical

    Keep track of the jobs you apply for, have the main recruitment websites you check daily saved in your favorites and make a list of the areas of employment and type of positions you want to explore. Being organized will not only help your search, but also make you feel more confident and in control. Also, keeping daily or weekly goals and to-do-lists will help you keep going and give you that feeling of satisfaction after a hard day.

  4. Keep On Doing Things

    If you are unemployed, most of your day will probably be filled by looking for a new job and applying for as many suitable positions as possible. It’s reality. However, don’t turn this into an obsession. If all you do from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed is thinking about is the job hunt, you will tire yourself out really quickly. Keep on meeting your friends, cook a nice meal for yourself, or go for a walk in the park. Taking a break from it all every now and then will help you to get back to it refreshed and ready to rock.

  5. Stay Positive

    You know you will find a job eventually. You know the right opportunity will come, you just have to wait. In the worst case scenario, you’ll have to take up a temporary or part-time position while you look for the perfect match. So stop being negative. Right now. Keeping a negative outlook will only prevent you from succeeding. The more positive you think, the more energetic you will feel. And guess in what this will result? More job applications filled in, more enthusiastically (yes, how you feel reflects on how you write them).

Stay motivated and good luck!

This guest post is by Elena Manighetti
Elena is a blogger who enjoys writing about career tips and advice as well as wellness. She writes for Milestone Operations, the UK-based trucking recruiters.



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